Gandhiji’s Legacy Vs Fake History

Hi everyone. First of all I want to suggest everyone to read genuine books and articles of renowned authors or writers with credibility/subject specialty in order to have genuine information/facts/theory. I am writing this article to counter a fake history writeup that I received on whats app. The Whats app message I received was a Quora answer which puts all the blame of killing of Mahatma Gandhi on Mahatma himself, absolves Godse for that murder and puts a kind picture of RSS. Someone sent me this because he knows that I do write facts/information related to history on twitter and also expose fake history being propagated. Writer(Siva Kumar) of this Quora answer is just another Right wing follower who has tried very hard to potray himself as an unbiased writer in his note but his words and thoughts can be clearly captured. Following is the link of article that he shared.

Since many would not be interested to read above link, I am enlisting points this writer has summed up in his note in bold letters. After each point I have explained that why this writer’s line of thinking is flawed.

  • Gandhi was biased towards Muslims at cost of Hindus and Sikhs: This claim that Gandhi was biased towards Muslims at cost of Hindus & Sikhs is baseless. Gandhiji was an ardent Hindu, he always believed in Ram Rajya but he never imposed his religion on others. This is what true Hinduism is. Mahatma Gandhi was revered by Hindus much more than RSS imagined. The communal violence had begun on 16 August 1946 in Calcutta and spread to the Bengal and later to other parts of North India. Gandhiji was not a mute witness to any violence. This 77-year-old man with frail health walked in difficult terrain to douse violence. In Bengal Gandhiji was consoling the Hindus who had faced the worse of the riots. In a tour of seven weeks he walked 116 miles addressing lakhs of people. Later he visited Bihar, where the Muslims were the main sufferers. Gandhiji only motive was to stop spread of communal violence at any cost. His only biasness was towards bringing peace for the country.
  • RSS concept of Hindus and Muslims cannot live together is correct: All the leaders of Indian National Movement never accepted Two Nation Theory as they believed in Syncretic Culture of India. RSS wanted all Muslims to leave India at any cost. Any Muslim who chose to live here should be treated as second class citizens. But Gandhiji and JL Nehru were biggest obstacles in this agenda of RSS. Gandhiji was so optimistic that he thought that once hatred between communities would be finished then Pakistan and India would be united again. Hindus and Muslims have fought together against British. They stood together during Partition of Bengal, Civil Disobedience Movement and Quit India Movement. Hindus and Muslims of India are inseparable. Without one, Idea of true India would be shattered. Also, we have heard this thing in our moral science classes and even from our elders that United we stand and divided we fall.
  • Gandhi wanted to save many lives but he ignored true human nature : It’s so stupid that these Right Wing Hate mongers are complaining that Gandhiji was very idealistic man and he ignored concept of eye for an eye. According to them, Gandhiji should have kept quiet when Hindus and Muslims were wreaking vengeance on each other. Somebody should tell these RW morons that a great leader is always the one who stands for principles and ideals. He lives on that principles and make followers to live on that. Also, our Vedas and Gurus taught us to protect vulnerable even at the cost of our own life. This is what Dharma is, this is what Hinduism is. RSS and their ilk don’t have any history of struggle for freedom movements. When country was fighting against British, these people were serving the interests of British.
  • Hindus were killed and their women raped : This biased Writer has converted his words into graphics by showcasing atrocities on Hindu-Sikh men and women. He has presented it as that nothing worse was done to Muslims. Both sides wreaked havoc on each other and many innocents from both sides suffered much pain and agony. Of course horrors of partition can never be easily forgotten but does that mean that other sides which has no role in violence or suffering should be killed. But what RSS propagated that time was hatred and pouring oil in communal fire. Do you know who actually were the worst sufferers of partition violence: Women. Their bodies were treated as honour of their religion and men from both sides exploited them just to take revenge on God’s name. Shame on such thinking.
  • No Evidence that RSS was behind assassination of Gandhiji : There was no proof in Courts that RSS had direct role in Gandhiji’s killing as such but one cannot ignore viscous propaganda and teachings that RSS mentors were proliferating in many refugee camps and in Hindu Colonies at that time. Question is if there was no role of RSS then why was it banned by Govt then. There were many intelligence reports that presented the fact that Gandhiji’s death was celebrated in many RSS camps. JL Nehru had commented on RSS, “these people have blood of Mahatma on their hands”.

This note by Siva Kumar has further written 3 reasons out of 150 about why Godse killed Gandhiji. I want to write why these reasons stand baseless and just a propaganda material for a Godse who wanted death of martyr but died like a traitor and shunned by their own.

  1. Gandhiji concern for building Mosque in Delhi rather than Somanth Temple : Truly speaking, you will find n number of articles on it by RW Trolls and some wannabe writers but this is far from reality. Gandhiji advocated building Mosque so that Muslims Brethren could understand that Indians stand for them and treat them as their own family. Gandhiji’s motive was that we need all faiths to trust India as secular country not as a Hindu Rashtra.
  2. Gandhiji forced Hindu refugees to move out of Mosque & live on streets to please Muslims : This is just a propaganda material by Right wing just to brand Gandhiji as Muslim appeaser. They twisted facts according to their convenience. Gandhiji never forced his ideas on anyone. His appeals are enough for his followers to understand. Gandhiji asked Hindus of Delhi to let muslims return to their homes which many hindus obliged. It was gesture of communal harmony by Hindus on the plea of Gandhiji. Gandhiji wanted that minorities in both India and Pakistan should be protected by respective governments. Once Gandhiji was asked that why he doesn’t care about Hindus in Pakistan. He gave an apt reply, “if I cannot save Muslims in India from the communal attacks, how would I convince Muslims in Pakistan to protect Hindus there.”
  3. Gandhiji undertook a fast to force Indian Govt to pay Pakistan compensation of Rs. 55 crore when Pakistan attacked on Kashmir : This event has been twisted by trollers to suit agenda of hate. This amount of 55 Crore was no compensation but share of Pakistan that they were to get from British for war services. It was in no way compensation from Indian Govt. Also there is no evidence that Gandhiji undertook fast for that. Yes, Gandhiji convinced Indian Govt to pay dues of Pakistan because he believed that Ethics and morality should be followed even in war too. Plus, this was supported and requested by Lord Mountbatten to Gandhiji.

I am hopeful this article will reach to those who are deeply interested in Indian History and also to those who are being fed fake history lessons. My motive is to present my writeup with facts and logic so that IT Cell trollers and RW Stooge can understand that everyone is not a follower of false Gods. I am Hindu but I am proud of being Indian first. My religion/culture does not need protection of BJP or RSS.

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  1. Very well written, researched, elaborate and thought provoking write up. The sad part is how to provoke the thought of common people who are already highjacked by paid media and propaganda politics.

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