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RATING    :  4/5

I love reading and I always prefer reading Non Fiction but this time I tried to explore fiction genre when one author asked me to review her book.

The book “Still Loved.. Still Missed!” authored by Mridula is a collection of 14 Short Stories and 1 poem. We have come across this phrase a lot of time that Truth is stranger than fiction but I find fiction is more satisfying in terms of reading. The book is lighter page wise but it is very heavy content wise.

Author has woven each story in few words and still able to convey whole message and adjoining inferences remarkably. She has successfully touched all chords of human emotions meticulously that we experience in our daily lives. In many places this book captures your interest by translating emotions from inanimate objects. Author has done it in a very artistic way.

Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought. I think author might have kept this phrase in her mind while writing this book. You will find majority of stories with sad endings which sometimes put you in an emotional cage. But I believe because of this she has catapulted emotions very well.

Author has used simple language with an articulate vision in her stories. She has also put 1 poem but truly speaking I am unable to gauge the depth of it since it’s not my forte. My personal favourite chapters are “Fly..flew..flown” ; “ And quite flew the little birds”. I will recommend this book to all lovers of fiction and also to first time readers who wants to inculcate the habit of reading.

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