Book : 7 Untold Secrets of Living Abroad


Genre : Non fiction

Author : Karan Agrawal

Ratings : 4.5/5

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The book 7 untold secrets of living abroad by Karan Agrawal has touched all the points that rotate around living abroad. You will find all the How, when and why for settling abroad and not settling abroad. This book has captured a lot in around 300 pages.It contains stories or anecdotes of 34 people living abroad with conditions they faced during their time abroad. Karan has discussed 12 countries in particular and I find that list more than enough.I always believe that choice of words and creativity in writing by an author makes the book more interesting and develops connection with reader instantaneously. This book does the same with simple language and creativity at its best.

Since the title is 7 secrets so it has 7 chapters with 3 to 5 subsections in each chapter. The naming of chapters has Hindi translation which is quite animated (with some Hindi dialogues & songs phrases). I really liked this creativity. I am sure other readers will also agree with this.

The first  chapter is ‘laying down roots in new soil’ which basically informs about initial stages and conditions in settling abroad. Brief History of each of the 12 countries is presented. After that he talks about the impact this decision on your family and closed ones. Later on avenues for the leisure activities abroad are presented.The flow of the book is so smooth and streamlined that I was just stuck to reading and was very reluctant to stop in between. In next chapter, author presented some challenges that you can encounter on your abroad life. Karan has wrote in depth on work culture in foreign culture that is quite alien to ours and it’s quite useful information. Then it comes to overcoming all the difficulties and stress. Lastly a very important chapter in exit strategy.

I would like to present 2 specific portions of the book which I find very amazing.The first one was the situation of Hari in secret 6 (How not to lose yourself) is just an eyeopener for those who are just chasing dollar dreams and losing out their peace of mind.Second one is on page 192 where author has rightly discussed the billion dollar question that an Indian mother keeps asking herself over and over every day. I totally relate with that question because my mother used to ask me that specific question everyday during my foreign visits. While reading this para I got emotional and just remembered the Sharry Mann song called ATTE DI CHIDI‘ which totally relates to this. I literally cried at some of the pages. Karan has touched the emotional chord at regular intervals in the book.

What I like the most in this book is that the author has divided the chapters in a very interesting way. And in each subsection he has written about that for a particular Country. For eg when he discusses entertainment subsection he divides that into 12 countries and discusses separately that for each. similarly he has done for all chapters.

Concluding Remarks : Only 1 thing I didn’t like about the book is title. I didn’t find the title catchy and interesting.This book is for everyone who has settled abroad or is planning to settle abroad. This book can act as a wonderful guide for new travellers and for those who are already settled can refresh their memories of initial settlement in abroad. I am sure this book can bring smiles and tears to both kind of readers. For those who are not interested at all for settling abroad can also read it as author’s own experience also favours settling in own country as also a good option. I must confess that I was not expecting too much from this book. But the author has made it into such a paradise that it was wonderful experience to read it.

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