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Knowledge is Power.Its not just a phrase by Sir Francis Bacon, its a reality  with many famous examples around you eg. Mark Zuckerberg , Narendra Modi etc as knowledge is not only limited to Science or remembering facts its about better understanding and great experiences. The world has changed a lot and one cannot be ignorant of what’s happening. Day to day events in the form of policies, laws, Economics, security directly or indirectly impact us. We need to keep ourselves updated through newspapers, magazines and books. The habit of reading books & magazines has the potential of not only transforming you into a better, well informed individual but also helpful in your professional life. Majority of the people agree that they need to inculcate this habit but often find it difficult to initiate or maintain it. Many have asked me how to develop this into a habit. My answer is always follow 3 steps to develop it into a habit.

1. First step is always which book you should read initially. For that you need to find which topic you find interesting like economics, political events, history, biographies, fiction etc. It can be anything but just try to pick book of your interest genre

2 After figuring out the genre. Next step is look for the options in that genre. I will suggest that instead of looking for the optimum/favorite title, you should go for the author whose books are widely acclaimed by people. Please don’t go for author whose books are critically acclaimed & had won prestigious award(I hope you know the difference between widely acclaimed vs critically acclaimed). The reason being initially you don’t want to put yourself in a spot where you couldn’t develop reading into a habit. So, first develop reading into a habit and thereafter you are good to go for any kind of books or genres too.

3. Don’t go for remembering the facts of book or trying to capture each and every line, just a proper cursory reading. Avoid looking for dictionary meaning of difficult words, just skip it for initial 3 to 4 books.

4. Lastly, when you have read 3 to 4 books like this, then you will realize that everything in the book automatically comes to your understanding and you can easily comprehend what author wants to say , whats his reasoning behind it and other nitty gritties. You can thereafter differentiate which book is better and your comparison and review activity will automatically get elevated.So my mantra is whether busy or not

busy, keep reading and make world a better place not for you but for everyone.I am striving to do the same. Following is the link of 1 book that can convince you to do this.Buy it and Happy Reading. Good Luck

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